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Paul Waite wins Manfield Mayhem 10 Finals

Mansfield Mayhem 10:         Another weekend storm, another trip. On Saturday January 15, we ventured off to Mansfield, Ohio where Paul Waite aspired to make his fifth amateur win before his pro debut which is schedule for February of 2011. Paul had been searching for a final fight prior to his contracted fight in Erie. Since a last minute opening came up, we took the trip to Mid West Ohio.

Ejuah again made the trip, going to root Paul on as we drove through more wintry weather to hit the fairgrounds. Upon arriving for weigh ins, we were introduced to Paul’s wife Sarah, who immediately hit it off with Ejuah. This time, Ejuah chose Chinese as the post weigh in meal, so we downed a bunch of ethnic food before returning to the venue. The show had a capacity crowd as many of the fighters were there for title fights for the Manfield Mayhem series end. Unfortunately for Paul, he was not up for a belt.

Paul’s opponent was Steven Chesnick (3,2) of the local team 5 Star MMA. Chesnick came in with an impressive resume and a huge fan base in the crowd. After all the usual fight preps and warm-ups, Paul made his way to the cage. This was my first opportunity to corner Paul, as I was out of town for his fight with Kenny Jackson, so I was looking forward to working our chemistry at cageside. As the fight announcer made the introductions, it was easy to see who the crowd favorite was in the match. Ejuah was armed with the video camera to record the fight. I guess what the Ohio crowd didn’t count on was how vocal Paul’s wife could be.

The fight started with Paul setting up some hands (our game plan was to work on Paul’s recently improving stand up game). Paul quickly landed a strong leg kick which dropped Chesnick to the mat and sent Sarah into a loud cheer. Paul immediately took his opponents back and began landing punches. He could have easily choked Chesnick out, but Paul flattened him out with his hooks and continued the ground assault until the Ref stopped the fight. A very elated Paul paced the cage as the paramedics came in to tend to his opponent. Suddenly, the roar of the crowd was replaced with the roar of Paul’s wife, as he went on to earn his 5th win in his amateur career. Overall, the fight lasted a mere 28 secs on my watch but was officially called at 39 secs of the very first round. And after the fight we so aptly named Paul’s vicious leg kick as the “Cro-kick”- not very high, but very effective.

All and all, the trip proved to be very enjoyable as we learned Ejuah makes a great camera man when he’s not bored and turning the camera upside down, and Sarah is a great cheerleader, whether she’s in the hometown crowd or not!! Good luck to Paul as he will be making his pro debut later this year in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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