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Sean Connor


To anyone that spends any amount of time at the studio knows that Sean Connor is a staple in the gym. Although he entered the scene in the shadow of his older brother Erik, and through the years all his other older siblings, Sean has developed into a phenom. He is probably one of the most well rounded Martial Artists in the studio, winning numerous state, regional and national titles. He's even made several runs at a World title. He is a stand out in every aspect of his training, but he is very well mannered and humbled in his personality. He runs his own branch or AG Combat Sports and Fitness. And now, with his recent win at the Lace Up Promotions kickboxing championship in Syracuse, NY, he is on the verge of a title shot to be the Northeastern Muay Thai Middleweight Champion. All this, and we forget he's only a Senior in school. Oh, did I mention that was in High School, not in College! Yes, Sean is only 17, and is a Senior at Randolph High School.

Despite his age, Sean has been training under the same instructor since the age of 4, and has the distinction of achieving accomplishments that have been saved for team mates twice his elder. When meeting Sean for the first time, you realize that he possesses that youthful smile and energy that only a younger person radiates (once you get beyond his 6' 3", 170lb frame). Realizing that he is a tall, lanky teenager, many of Sean's opponents have dismissed his abilities in the ring. Well, his record speaks for itself; he is (5,1) with his only loss coming in a close split decision to a hometown fighter. All of his wins have been KO's, TKO's or brutal one sided victories, and his recent one was no different. Sean has been competing in some sort of Martial Arts since he was 5, but his Full contact career started at the age of 16, with every opponent being an adult.

In his last bout, Sean faced Jamie Fryer who was not only an older Pro MMA fighter, but also had a 10+ pound advantage. But, from the opening bell, two swift kicks to Fryer's jaw quickly dispelled any thought that this was a mismatch. After two dominating rounds, Sean nearly put away the wobbling Fryer at the end of the third. Well, as the saying goes, he was literally saved by the bell. With the unanimous victory, Connor is set to face Canada's Josh "Razor Hands" Fitzsimmons in Lockport on Nov 12th for the Middleweight title. The winner will get a shot at the first ever Lace Up Promotion's Championship in early 2012. Not bad for a newcomer who's original goal was to get into MMA, traveling to vast areas of the country to watch and cheer on many of his training partners. Because he wasn't old enough to legally fight in the cage, he was encouraged to try kickboxing as a way to test out the waters until he turned 18. So, after attending a few events as a spectator, he was finally given his first opportunity to fight in Connecticut last October. A year later, he has his eye on the Lace Up belt, but is still looking forward to getting his first MMA fight when he turns 18.

We look forward to his Middleweight title fight in Lockport next month, but his season won't end there. Sean has also qualified to attend the Sport Karate World Games in Sacremento, California at the end of December.

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