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Freestyle and Traditional Karate Classes

Our Freestyle Karate class is the most popular program at our facility. The program is suitable for all ages and ability levels. ( For children 7 and under that have never had any prior training, you may want to refer to the Mitey Mites program first) Students in this program will train in all facets of Martial Arts giving them a very broad base. If you haven't trained before, or are unsure about what you are interested in, this program is a great way to get started. It incorporates the standard 10 belt ranking system. You will get a great foundation in formal Martial arts training while being exposed to basic blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. You will learn basic terminology and philosophy while acquiring a good strong foundation. You will also develop skills to be able to partake in weaponry, self defense, open sparring and conditioning. This program is ongoing, so you will always be able to continue learning, but may also chose to switch into a more specialized program. Because it is a formal training program, students will also have the opportunity to progress in belt ranks, eventually earning their Black belts. We combine all ages and ability levels so that it is convenient for families to train together. It is a very good workout, but students will train at their own ability levels so experience is not necessary. Most students remain in this program for their entire training career. Our goal is to give you a strong physical foundation, but also to teach students how to focus, be more disciplined and respectful. We strive to have students learn to apply these values to all aspects of their lives.


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