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Mitey Mites Class

Mitey Mites - 6 & Under

The Mitey Mites Program is a great foundational class to help younger children get their feet wet, in a very enjoyable approach to training. The concept of the class is to teach younger children the basic structure of the classes (formalities, discipline, respect, focus, etc.) while still allowing the "kids to be kids". We understand that the younger a child is exposed to martial arts, the more it becomes second nature for them. This class is for any child that falls into the age bracket, but we usually recommend that if your child is already in school or has already participated in another structured sport, that they start in the Junior Class (9 and under) instead. They will learn the basics in this class, but it is not designed to rank them. We normally will try to keep the students in the class for only 6-8 months maximum, before moving them into the Junior Class. Please understand that this is the only class in our schedule that we have a "cap" on. We will not allow more than 15 students per class, and entry into the program is on a first come, first serve basis. The age of your child is not as relevant as the desire. If your child is asking about it, or already mimicking the motions they see, they are most likely ready to try the Mitey Mites program.


Juniors - 9 & Under

The Junior Class is designated for children 9 and under of any rank. The class was originally designed to help children moving from the Mitey Mites program (which is only a half hour class) to the regular Freestyle Classes. Being a 45 minute class, it helps to make the transition a little smoother. The class is not limited to only 7-9 year old children, but rather any age 9 and under. Even colored belts (in the age bracket) that can benefit from extra attention or the ability to workout at a slower pace may participate in this program. Children may move into the regular Freestyle Class at any time. Children may stay in the class at any belt rank until they "age out".

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