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Kickboxing / MMA Class / Grappling


This program is more of a (fight) sport based class. We do have a competitive kickboxing and MMA team, but people in the program are not required to fight. The class covers all aspects of stand up fighting (boxing, kickboxing, karate) and ground fighting (wrestling, clinch work, grappling) as well as fight condition. Although the classes are very high intensity, you do not need background to train in it. If you have prior background in any combat sport, it will help, but is not necessary. Unlike most facilities, we offer access to an abundance of training equipment including a boxing ring and an MMA cage for people that are interested in competing or people who just want to learn the real application of the movements. Most of the classes are split up into three parts, conditioning, stand up and ground work. However, a few of the classes may concentrate on only one aspect (as designated in the schedule) of the training. The class is co-ed, and contact work is done, but always in a controlled and disciplined environment. Boxing gloves, mouthpieces, shin pads and groin cups (for males) are required. Grappling gloves, rash guards, and MMA or Kickboxing shorts or pants are recommended. This is not a rank program, so no uniforms are necessary.




These classes concentrate almost entirely on ground work. All aspects of submission grappling are worked, but generally without any striking. Some of the classes may incorporate some aspects of wrestling and Judo into the workout, but will primarily cover what to do in the event of the fight going to the ground. Gi classes (as designated in the schedule) require a Jiu jutsu or Judo Gi, karate Gis are not recommended to be used in these classes. No Gi classes require Grappling shorts, pants, rash guards (under armor type shirts) or any other appropriate attire. Keep in mind that this is a close contact class, so people that do not wish to work in close quarters with other students should not participate in this program. Inappropriate attire will not be tolerated in the classes.

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