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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions (7)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 17:06

Fitness Training/Competition


     Our Facility now offers training for serious fitness competitors. Whether you’re looking for Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini, Male Model or you just want to look good, we have trainers ready to get you there. We are putting together the areas first Competitive Fitness team. Our trainers have loads of experience in competitive fitness industry.

            Whether you are looking for help with workouts, diets, poses, or just looking for guidance to help move you in the right direction, we have the skill and the know how to help. We can help you achieve the competitive fitness status you’re looking for, or just improve your current fitness level.

            We are not the “social club” that many gyms tend to be. We are a serious, down to earth gym with the training programs to help you get the results. If you want to workout, come take the challenge. If you want to socialize, we can offer you a list of great area restaurants…  

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 17:03

Killer Kardio


      This is the next generation of classes that have been developed at our facility. We have been a step ahead of the area in offering new programs that later become mainstream. Killer Kardio is exactly what it sounds like; the hardest cardio workout you will find. The workout consists of high intensity fight-based interval training. Although the class requires no background training or equipment, it does require a strong will to improve yourself. The class is great for all fitness levels because it will push you to your breaking point. All the workouts are based on the strength and conditioning regiments we’ve been putting or fighters and athletes through for decades.

            Although our training is geared towards fighters and fitness competitors, it’s great as a cross training workout for any sport. You will be challenged like never before, but the workout is exhilarating! The class doesn’t waste your time, it is an intense 30 min workout followed by a short cool down. No matter what shape you think you’re in, we challenge you to come push yourself further than you’ve ever gone before.

            Our class motto is, “You don’t fail until you quit!” All of the athletes in the promo photo aren’t models we hired, they are actual students and trainers that do the workout. Let the results speak for themselves…

Friday, 21 October 2011 09:32

Kodokan Judo Class

This class is a traditional Judo class. It is a ranked program where students will earn belts. The class is centered around learning how to do traditional throws on opponents, break falling, and a small portion of grappling. All students in this classare required to purchase a Judo or Jiu jutsu Gi (uniform) and are encouraged to join the USJA (United States Judo Association). Ranking in the Judo program is entirely separate from the Karate programs. The class is set up for older teenagers and adults, but children may be considered with the instructor's permission. At this time, the Judo program is only offered at the Jamestown facility.

Friday, 21 October 2011 09:31

Kickboxing / MMA Class / Grappling


This program is more of a (fight) sport based class. We do have a competitive kickboxing and MMA team, but people in the program are not required to fight. The class covers all aspects of stand up fighting (boxing, kickboxing, karate) and ground fighting (wrestling, clinch work, grappling) as well as fight condition. Although the classes are very high intensity, you do not need background to train in it. If you have prior background in any combat sport, it will help, but is not necessary. Unlike most facilities, we offer access to an abundance of training equipment including a boxing ring and an MMA cage for people that are interested in competing or people who just want to learn the real application of the movements. Most of the classes are split up into three parts, conditioning, stand up and ground work. However, a few of the classes may concentrate on only one aspect (as designated in the schedule) of the training. The class is co-ed, and contact work is done, but always in a controlled and disciplined environment. Boxing gloves, mouthpieces, shin pads and groin cups (for males) are required. Grappling gloves, rash guards, and MMA or Kickboxing shorts or pants are recommended. This is not a rank program, so no uniforms are necessary.




These classes concentrate almost entirely on ground work. All aspects of submission grappling are worked, but generally without any striking. Some of the classes may incorporate some aspects of wrestling and Judo into the workout, but will primarily cover what to do in the event of the fight going to the ground. Gi classes (as designated in the schedule) require a Jiu jutsu or Judo Gi, karate Gis are not recommended to be used in these classes. No Gi classes require Grappling shorts, pants, rash guards (under armor type shirts) or any other appropriate attire. Keep in mind that this is a close contact class, so people that do not wish to work in close quarters with other students should not participate in this program. Inappropriate attire will not be tolerated in the classes.

Friday, 21 October 2011 09:30

Max-Fit Class

Our Max-fit program literally stands for "Martial Arts Extreme Fitness". It is an all female class (sorry guys) that is based on our regular Kickboxing and MMA program. Unlike traditional all-female programs, it is not a cardio kickbox class. Our women do the exact same workout as our fighters do without "live" sparring. It is an incredible workout, but you will also be learning real skills that can be applied in real life. The class is suitable for any fitness and age level. Whether you are looking to learn the proper fighting skills or just improve your fitness level, this class will push you to your goals! The class has very minimal equipment requirements, and no uniform requirement. Boxing gloves are required, and any comfortable workout attire is acceptable.

Friday, 21 October 2011 09:27

Mitey Mites Class

Mitey Mites - 6 & Under

The Mitey Mites Program is a great foundational class to help younger children get their feet wet, in a very enjoyable approach to training. The concept of the class is to teach younger children the basic structure of the classes (formalities, discipline, respect, focus, etc.) while still allowing the "kids to be kids". We understand that the younger a child is exposed to martial arts, the more it becomes second nature for them. This class is for any child that falls into the age bracket, but we usually recommend that if your child is already in school or has already participated in another structured sport, that they start in the Junior Class (9 and under) instead. They will learn the basics in this class, but it is not designed to rank them. We normally will try to keep the students in the class for only 6-8 months maximum, before moving them into the Junior Class. Please understand that this is the only class in our schedule that we have a "cap" on. We will not allow more than 15 students per class, and entry into the program is on a first come, first serve basis. The age of your child is not as relevant as the desire. If your child is asking about it, or already mimicking the motions they see, they are most likely ready to try the Mitey Mites program.


Juniors - 9 & Under

The Junior Class is designated for children 9 and under of any rank. The class was originally designed to help children moving from the Mitey Mites program (which is only a half hour class) to the regular Freestyle Classes. Being a 45 minute class, it helps to make the transition a little smoother. The class is not limited to only 7-9 year old children, but rather any age 9 and under. Even colored belts (in the age bracket) that can benefit from extra attention or the ability to workout at a slower pace may participate in this program. Children may move into the regular Freestyle Class at any time. Children may stay in the class at any belt rank until they "age out".

Friday, 21 October 2011 09:26

Freestyle and Traditional Karate Classes

Our Freestyle Karate class is the most popular program at our facility. The program is suitable for all ages and ability levels. ( For children 7 and under that have never had any prior training, you may want to refer to the Mitey Mites program first) Students in this program will train in all facets of Martial Arts giving them a very broad base. If you haven't trained before, or are unsure about what you are interested in, this program is a great way to get started. It incorporates the standard 10 belt ranking system. You will get a great foundation in formal Martial arts training while being exposed to basic blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. You will learn basic terminology and philosophy while acquiring a good strong foundation. You will also develop skills to be able to partake in weaponry, self defense, open sparring and conditioning. This program is ongoing, so you will always be able to continue learning, but may also chose to switch into a more specialized program. Because it is a formal training program, students will also have the opportunity to progress in belt ranks, eventually earning their Black belts. We combine all ages and ability levels so that it is convenient for families to train together. It is a very good workout, but students will train at their own ability levels so experience is not necessary. Most students remain in this program for their entire training career. Our goal is to give you a strong physical foundation, but also to teach students how to focus, be more disciplined and respectful. We strive to have students learn to apply these values to all aspects of their lives.


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